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Hobbit Foot

Hobbit Foot

Why the Hobbit Foot? Well, its short, fearless and always up for an amazing adventure. The Hobbit Foot is out take on a more refined, high performance Mini Simmons inspired board that is the ideal companion for your next surf travel adventure. Its designed to take the best elements of the speed and 'flow' that you would find in a typical Simmons shape, while incorperating elements that allow it to be surfed more progressively. The slightly pulled in nose outline, more modern rocker and rail profile and critically the pulled in tail outline allow it to be pushed further than a traditional Mini Simmons. You can take off later, turn it harder, and ride it in steeper surf without fear of it sliding out. Its ideally suited to be ridden as a quad fin and we recommend pairing it with the FCS Rob Machado Quad set. However it is also available in a twin fin setup for the more purist Simmons fans. That said, we recomment to more purist Simmons lovers check out our 'Soapy' model ;)


For the uninitiated, Bob Simmons is arguably one of the most influential and unrecognised forefathers of modern surfboard design. He started designing his most famous designs in 1948 which incorperated the use of hydrodynamic planing surface theory, in combination with a finned rail that generated dynamic lift. This principal has evolved into the fundamental design blueprint for the modern surfboard.


The Hobbit Foot takes the critical parts of what makes his boards so amazing to ride, but incorperates some of the design elements found in more modern boards to make it more compatible with more modern surfing styles.

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