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Lisish Fish

Lisish Fish

Inspired by the pioneering work by Steve Lis in the late 60's, we wanted to create a retro fish style board that could be surfed in a more progressive way. So we took a really classic retro fish outline and rocker and added some modern refinements. It features a more refined rail and bottom contouring goes from a single to double to vee. This really creates excellent drive and lift and promotes rail to rail surfing. This really finds the perfect ballance between speed and manouverability. And the twin keel design and slightly rearward placement creates drive and projects out of turns in a way that is tough to describe. We've even incorperated a slight rolled out nose design to help with earlier entry in steeper takeoffs, despite the full nose outline. This shape is just at home deep inside the barrel as it is carving wide arcing turns on the shoulder. It can be ridden in absolutely any conditions from knee high to double overhead. It really is a retro fish for the modern era.

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