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Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet

When designing the Magic Bullet, we set out to design the perfect high performance shortboard that british surfers didnt know they needed. All to often we see British surfers trying to surf super high performance shortboards in the hope of developing a more agressive, progressive style of surfing. Unfortunately, the boards they are riding are often not designed with British conditions in mind. While Britain is graced with some amzingly beautiful beaches, we are often surfing slighly fatter, slightly slower waves that arent nearly as powerful as you might find elsewhere. These conditions really demand boards take off earlier and are better at generating speed. If you can combine these atributes in a board that handles turns responsively, and paddles faster, you've got the perfect shortboard for Britrain. 

The Magic Bullet features a mid nose rocker, a low tail rocker and a big single concave through the back half of the board, alowing it to generate speed easily in all conditions. The fuller nose outline and slightly rolled out bottom contour in the nose accomodates easier paddling and an earlier takeoff, even in steeper waves. And the subtle hips in the tail of the board allow for a good amout of pivot, ballancing the drive from the tail. To round it off, we have incorperated a slightly boxy rail to help maintain speed through agressive turns, even when you're riding fatter waves.


All together, what were left with is a shortboard, that will accomodate progressive surfing styles in typical British conditions.