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The Thruxton is our take on the classic Pig designs of the 50s and 60s and are a nod to the classic designs of Velzy and other proponents of the Pig design theory. 


For the unninitiated, Pigs are typically narrow in the nose, wide in the tail and have the wide point pulled back from the centre so to create the trademark hips that make the whole thing work. The rocker profile of pigs is equally unorthodox with a low nose rocker and reletively high tail rocker, all built around a rounded bottom board with foiled out, almost knifey rails. They arent everyones cup of tea asthetically, but absolutely EVERY longboarder should ride one. They are an exercise in checking your preconceptions at the door. Dispite their wide tail, they turn on a dime. Dispite their narrow nose, they noseride better than any other design in history. And despite being dog ugly, they ride beautifully. They beg to be cross stepped, nose ridden and drop knee turned. Simply put, they beg for steeze.

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