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In Hawian, Wahoo is the name given to a large delicious fish that grows 2 meters and longer. And so, here we have a large delicious fish that is designed to be ridden long (7'-9'). This long fish is best ridden as a twin keel and works in a surprising range of conditions. The shape features a moderate entry and low exit rocker, slight hull in the nose and an inverted v concave running through the tail and runs lean 70/30 rails the length of the board.


It's not a conventional choice for many riders but sits nicely as a super versitile alternative option for both shortboarders and loggers alike. The length of it lends its self to easy paddling, early entries and carrying speed and flow down the line. It also allows the board to work in smaller waves should you need it to. Beleive it or not, we've even mannaged to coax the odd stretch-five out of this!

But this board also loves being surfed off the tail too, with the 'fishiness' revealing its self in steeper sections. Down the line speed and projecting bottom turns are whats on offer when taking on punchier conditions. 


No matter how you ride it, this thing is a heap of fun.

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